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Information Design

Part of F451 with Quentin Creuzet

Currently between Eindhoven and Lyon and London



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Hello, I am a french, Lyon-Based graphic designer with a strong interest for editorial design, classification/hierarchy issues, design systems and programming languages. Five years ago, I co-founded F451 to explore web features and structures together with Quentin Creuzet. I work for various freelance projects and next to this I recently graduated from the Master’s program Information Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. My graduation project focused on the design processes of user-friendliness. Feel free to get in touch for new collaborations or for any reasons.


17-19 Master Information Design, gratuated CUM LAUDE, Design Academy Eindhoven

15-17 DSAA Graphic Design (, ENSAAMA, Paris

13-15 BTS Graphic Design (, ESAAT, Roubaix


20 Published in Damn Magazine n°75, On Information Overload

19 Article The Goldfish Effect by Mare Amsterdam

19 Essay "Reflections" published in GS19 catalogue

19 GS19 Exhibition (Dutch Design Week), Eindhoven, Netherlands

19 Gijs Bakker Award Nominee

18 Curating of the Exhibition Overturning ‘Othering’, Den Haag

18 Published in Questionning Design, Magazine by the DAE for the Istanbul Biennal 2018

18 Exhibition Visualizing Knowledge 2018, Finland

18 Featured on Klikkenthéke [1]

17 Featured on Brutalist website [1] [2]

17 Listed on Silly Graphics

16 Internship, WA75, Paris

Worked on ENSAAMA, Le Magazine du Jeu de Paume, Confort 3000, Stand Staron

Current Interests

Ted Nelson, SCSS, List of lists of lists, Georges Perec, Claude Closky...


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